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Ligardy Hat Mark 1 Standard "Chocolate Brown"

Ligardy Hat Mark 1 Standard "Chocolate Brown"

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Unbound chocolate glory trapped within the body of a flat brim fedora.  Bound by matching chocolate detailed trim. The sweet, the smooth and the rich melt together in the name of beauty and excellence!


Shapable open crown- A 5 inch open crown that can be reshaped to the wearers desire. Forever locking the relationship between hatter and hat master.


Bound flat brim- A bound 3 and 1/2 inch flat brim. Bound and stiffened for shape retention and wind resistance. Offers full sun coverage and can handle light rain. The brim can also be shapable to the wearers request, however, the Ligardy Hat is best worn flat.


Silk lining and leather sweatband- A fully insulated red silk lining in combination with a pure leather black sweatband. The smooth silk lining helps keep the hair underneath neat while providing warmth and insulation during the winter season. A pure leather swaetband helping to provide comfort and grip in windy situations. Within the Ligardy Hat, these elements come together to provide a rich and luxurious feeling within the crown. 


The X-Lock System- An innovative new take on the classic “Fedora Bow”. The X-Lock is sleek and minimalistic, while providing all the benefits of locking in small hat accessories. Things such as feathers, pins and attachable hats bands can be placed on the fedora with a tight and secure Fit. The “X” can be worn clean on its own, or styled for the occasion. With Ligardy Hats, X truly marks the spot.


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